Need to extend your trial period?

July 31st, 2008

Sometimes 30 days just isn’t enough.

Maybe you went on vacation in the middle of the trial period. Maybe you weren’t able to finish putting FloPrompter through its paces before getting distracted by another high priority project.

Whatever the case may be, FloSpace can tell you how to extend the trial period for an extra 30 days — 60 days in total!

This feature is only available by special request. Please contact Sales for details if you need an extra few days to make a purchase decision:

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New Features for Musicians and Bands?

July 30th, 2008

A few customers and prospective customers have written us recently requesting a couple of new features to make FloPrompter even more appealing to musicians and bands. Or even creating an entirely different product to appeal more directly to the musician and band market.

Hmmm! The possibilities are intriguing… And if it means we might get complimentary backstage passes, all the better!  🙂

What are your thoughts? The sky is the limit!

Send your wishlist of feature ideas to


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Windows Vista Patch Published!

July 29th, 2008

If your computer runs Microsoft Windows Vista, please read this announcement!

FloSpace has published a little patcher utility which heals FloPrompter so that it can run properly on computers running Microsoft Windows Vista. Please get the patcher utility from the FloSpace Downloads web page.


1.) Install or upgrade to the latest version of FloPrompter (version 3.0).

2.) Download the patcher utility.

3.) Double click on the file called “FloPrompter_Vista_Patcher.exe”. In the dialog, click on the “Patch it!” button.

4.) Launch FloPrompter. It should work just fine now!

If you have any problems, please contact FloSpace technical support:


Q: My computer runs Windows XP. Do I need to run this patcher utility?

A: No. The patcher utility is only for computers running Windows Vista.

Q: Why doesn’t FloPrompter run on Windows Vista?

A: FloPrompter tightly integrates with Windows Vista to achieve the smooth scrolling and mirrored text features. Without the patch, Vista complains about the integration and causes errors. After you apply the patch, FloPrompter runs great and Vista won’t complain about the integration. (Let’s just say that after much sweat and tears, we finally figured out the technie magic which fixes this problem…)

Q: When will the need for a patch go away?

A: FloSpace is consulting with Microsoft to figure out how to eliminate the need for a patch in the first place. We’re not sure how long this will take to resolve. Hopefully, not too long! We recognize that the patch utility is an inconvenience to Vista computer owners and we consider the patcher utility only a short-term fix rather than a permanent solution.

Q: My computer runs Windows Vista on a 64-bit processor. Will this work for my computer, too?

A: Unfortunately, Microsoft has introduced significant technical hurdles which prevent a lot of software programs from running smoothly on 64-bit computers. It is our goal to get FloPrompter to run on 64-bit computers by the end of 2008! (Sorry for the delay!)

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FloPrompter Patch for Windows Vista in Testing

July 27th, 2008

Good news!

We have figured out a strategy for patching FloPrompter so that it can run on computers running Microsoft Windows Vista (32 bit version only).The patch works great on our test computer!

We just sent a download link to a few folks who had made tech support requests about this issue. We’ll give them a few days to try the patch on their own computers. If feedback from the field is good, we’ll update the FloSpace web site with the patch download link officially.

If you would like to give the Vista patch a try, also, please send us an email:

Thank you!

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FloSpace on Twitter

July 21st, 2008

Hi, everyone!

I’m the founder and president of FloSpace. I recently joined Twitter, a micro-blogging service, as they call it. If you’re also on Twitter, you’re welcome to check me out. My Twitter posts (or “tweets”, as they’re called) tend to be a mixture of both personal and professional topics of interest.

I’m particularly keen to follow FloPrompter customers or interesting people like our customers, especially audio and video production professionals, professional speakers, actors and voice talents, and innovators in schools and churches/places of worship who are interested in new media and technology tools. Or, well, anyone who has something interesting to say!

You can see what I’ve been up to lately here:

I look forward to hearing from you in the Twittersphere!

– Anthony

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Teaching For The Future

July 21st, 2008

I went to Podcamp 3 in Boston this past weekend, a venue for learning and sharing about social media. There were lots of podcasters, social media experts, marketing & advertising professionals there — and at least one teacher!

Dave LaMorte is a teacher in Cambridge, MA (where FloSpace is based!) and he authors a blog called The blog focuses “on the convergence of education, culture, and technology.” Looking through his blog, recent postings have discussed using YouTube in the classroom, motivating reluctant readers, as well as overcoming the cultural gaps between adults (parents, educators) and youths. Many of the blog’s postings are audio podcasts, which is cool to hear. Educators will also appreciate his carefully researched listing of citations related to each podcast.

Teaching For The Future

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FloPrompter Issues on Vista

July 18th, 2008

While we’re thrilled to have just launched FloPrompter version 3.0, we’ve heard from some customers that FloPrompter is having problems working on some versions of the Microsoft Vista operatings system. Some Windows Vista computer users may see an error saying something like either “buffer overflow exception” or “corrupted memory.”  Please rest assured that your computer is fine and undamaged!!

The real source behind the error is Vista’s exceptionally strict new security restrictions. FloPrompter’s smooth scrolling and mirrored text features require tight integration with the Windows operating system. The features work great on XP! But some versions of Vista complain about such deep integration.

Please rest assured that fixing this issue so that FloPrompter works as smoothly on all versions of Microsoft Vista as well as XP is our #1 priority!

We hope to have this issue fixed within the next week or two. The minute the issue is fixed, we’ll post a note about it on the blog and the free update for all FloPrompter customers will be uploaded to the downloads page. You can also send us a quick note (, and when the update is available, we can send you an email notification directly.

We apologize to our Vista customers (and potential customers) for taking longer than expected to fix this Vista support issue.

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Happly Fourth of July!

July 3rd, 2008

As FloSpace is based in Boston (regarded as the birthplace of the American independence movement during the colonial era), our offices will be closed this Friday in observation of the holiday. So our apologies if technical support is a bit slow over the weekend. We will, of course, continue monitoring voice mails and emails for any emergencies issues that may arise, just in case!

For our customers in the United States, we hope you have a safe and enjoyable Independence Day Weekend!

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FloSpace Launches FloPrompter version 3.0!

June 26th, 2008

Break out the champagne and caviar! The day has finally come!

We’re proud to announce the launch of FloPrompter version 3.0! FloPrompter now comes in two editions: Standard for casual audio/video production uses, and Professional, targeted to audio/video professionals. Learn more about the features available in these two editions at:

Along with the new edition of the software product, we’ve also re-launched the web site! We worked with a great graphic designer who put a lovely, professional polish on the site as well as re-organizing all of the content in a much more sensible way. Thanks, Lindsey!

FloSpace is especially pleased to announce that FloPrompter version 2.0 customers may update for FREE to the FloPrompter v. 3.0 Standard Edition! Simply go to the FloPrompter Downloads page, click on the link to download the installer files, and follow the instructions. Easy as pie!

Longtime FloPrompter customers may also notice the new Store page. We’ve redesigned the Purchase page to include information not only about FloPrompter software, but also to show related products. The long list of interesting related products are not limited to just the remote control devices (wireless presenters & foot switches) we’re often asked about, but also include the cool See Eye2Eye prompting device and lots of good books.

As you may have noticed, these blog pages haven’t participated in the love yet, but we’re planning on migrating the blog to the new design sometime in the next couple of weeks. Soon!

We hope you enjoy the FloPrompter version 3.0, regardless of edition. As always, we’re eager to hear your feedback, testimonials, and feature requests!

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Feedback from a Church in Ohio

June 23rd, 2008

A FloPrompter customer bought FloPrompter to use in his church in Ohio. He very kindly sent us this note today:

“[FloPrompter] worked great at our Church service yesterday.  We have a kids department that we put on skits each Sunday. In the past we’ve tried memorizing scripts and using note cards, but nothing worked as well as we would have liked. The prompting was awesome. I had tried 4 other programs from shareware to programs that were quite a bit more expensive than yours and found that yours did everything that we needed. The option to have different colors for different participants worked perfectly. The setup is easy and the operation is flawless. I was just getting ready to purchase one that was more than 4 times more expensive than yours when luckily I came across yours. Even if cost wasn’t a factor I would have still purchased [FloPrompter]. Thanks again. Great program!” – Rick S., Ohio

Thank you for choosing FloPrompter!

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