Windows Vista Patch Published!

If your computer runs Microsoft Windows Vista, please read this announcement!

FloSpace has published a little patcher utility which heals FloPrompter so that it can run properly on computers running Microsoft Windows Vista. Please get the patcher utility from the FloSpace Downloads web page.


1.) Install or upgrade to the latest version of FloPrompter (version 3.0).

2.) Download the patcher utility.

3.) Double click on the file called “FloPrompter_Vista_Patcher.exe”. In the dialog, click on the “Patch it!” button.

4.) Launch FloPrompter. It should work just fine now!

If you have any problems, please contact FloSpace technical support:


Q: My computer runs Windows XP. Do I need to run this patcher utility?

A: No. The patcher utility is only for computers running Windows Vista.

Q: Why doesn’t FloPrompter run on Windows Vista?

A: FloPrompter tightly integrates with Windows Vista to achieve the smooth scrolling and mirrored text features. Without the patch, Vista complains about the integration and causes errors. After you apply the patch, FloPrompter runs great and Vista won’t complain about the integration. (Let’s just say that after much sweat and tears, we finally figured out the technie magic which fixes this problem…)

Q: When will the need for a patch go away?

A: FloSpace is consulting with Microsoft to figure out how to eliminate the need for a patch in the first place. We’re not sure how long this will take to resolve. Hopefully, not too long! We recognize that the patch utility is an inconvenience to Vista computer owners and we consider the patcher utility only a short-term fix rather than a permanent solution.

Q: My computer runs Windows Vista on a 64-bit processor. Will this work for my computer, too?

A: Unfortunately, Microsoft has introduced significant technical hurdles which prevent a lot of software programs from running smoothly on 64-bit computers. It is our goal to get FloPrompter to run on 64-bit computers by the end of 2008! (Sorry for the delay!)

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