FloPrompter Issues on Vista

While we’re thrilled to have just launched FloPrompter version 3.0, we’ve heard from some customers that FloPrompter is having problems working on some versions of the Microsoft Vista operatings system. Some Windows Vista computer users may see an error saying something like either “buffer overflow exception” or “corrupted memory.”  Please rest assured that your computer is fine and undamaged!!

The real source behind the error is Vista’s exceptionally strict new security restrictions. FloPrompter’s smooth scrolling and mirrored text features require tight integration with the Windows operating system. The features work great on XP! But some versions of Vista complain about such deep integration.

Please rest assured that fixing this issue so that FloPrompter works as smoothly on all versions of Microsoft Vista as well as XP is our #1 priority!

We hope to have this issue fixed within the next week or two. The minute the issue is fixed, we’ll post a note about it on the blog and the free update for all FloPrompter customers will be uploaded to the FloSpace.com downloads page. You can also send us a quick note (support@flospace.com), and when the update is available, we can send you an email notification directly.

We apologize to our Vista customers (and potential customers) for taking longer than expected to fix this Vista support issue.

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