FloSpace FloPrompter 3.0.2 Released!

Hi, folks —

We just published version 3.0.2, available for immediate download on the FloSpace.com/downloads page.

Version 3.0.2 has a few minor bug fixes and one minor feature enhancement. In addition, this update improves the the installation experience for new users. The following are now packaged together in a single ZIP file:

  • Improved installation instructions (FloSpace Installation Instructions.pdf)
  • The FloPrompter installer (FloSpace FloPrompter Installer.exe)
  • The patcher utility for Windows Vista PCs (FloPrompter Vista Patcher.exe)
  • A sample file (Great American Speeches.fsd)

Why the repackaging?

Windows Vista makes it difficult to figure out how to unzip ZIP archives. On Vista PCs, a ZIP archive looks like a regular folder (nice!), except that it doesn’t act like a regular folder (bummer!). The result is that a lot of people had difficulties not only installing FloPrompter to begin with, but also running the patcher utility.

Solution: We packaged the installer and patcher into separate “self-extracting archives.” That’s techno mumbo jumbo for, “Just double-click on the file to get the party started!” So the result is much easier installation and patch experiences.

Update Recommendation: If you wish. This is a “soft recommendation” to update. The bug fixes and enhancements in version 3.0.2 were fairly minor, so most folks won’t notice the difference.

If you decide to update, this is, of course, a free update for all FloPrompter customers!

Download the update: www.flospace.com/downloads.htm

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