Low-Budget Teleprompter

Scribe Media posted a great little video to YouTube showing how to build a very low cost teleprompter. What’s cool is that it looks wicked easy to set up, and of course the materials are very cheap. (Excluding the camera…)


Scribe Media uses a competitor to FloPrompter which they said was free. However, when I checked the web site today, it looks like the software  is $89 — not free! FloPrompter Standard has way more features, including rich text, spell checking and a thesaurus, and is just $50!

Oh well. We’ll forgive them because their how to video is great. And we like their web site!

And Scribe Media — when you’re ready to make the switch to a truly good and easy to use product, give me a call. I’ll totally hook y’all up with a great deal!  😉

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