Faster Scrolling — Coming Soon!

Several customers have asked us to make the scrolling feature even faster. So we’re going to start working on adding this feature.

Currently, the highest speed setting (30) scrolls 1 pixel ever 1/1000 of a second. That’s 1,000 vertical pixels every second!

But in some film and video applications, they need it to be even faster. So we’ve started looking into how to add in even faster scrolling, but still with acceptable performance.

We have a few techniques in mind which we’re starting to look into. We expect to take a month or two to design, implement, and test this solution. But have no fear: existing FloPrompter documents will continue to work just fine if you’ve opted to save scroll speed settings in them.

When the new version of FloPrompter with faster scrolling is available, of course it will be a free update for all existing 2.xx and 3.xx customers!!

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