Success! FloPrompter 3.1 Beta Program Ends

Many thanks to the testers who bravely gave the early FloPrompter 3.1 betas a go!

We’re glad to say that we’ve worked out all of the kinks on the new FloPrompter version 3.1. Some highlights of the new features:

  • Support for Windows Vista 64-bit version!
  • Support for Windows 7 in both 32- and 64-bit versions!
  • Importing Microsoft Word files in their new .DOCX file format! (That’s Microsoft Word 2007’s preferred new file format.)
  • FloPrompter Professional Edition: A cool new “Talent Messaging” feature. Imagine a setup with a director in a control booth and a voice talent in a separate sound booth reading from the FloPrompter Talent Window. The director can hear the voice talent speaking, but sometimes it wouldn’t be wise to send voice commands into the sound booth. Now, the director in the control booth can type a message in the FloPrompter Control Pad Window and see it appear on the bottom bar of the Talent Window. See the screen shot below.

Screen shots of the FloPrompter Control Pad and Talent Window

The director has entered the text, "A little slower please..." into the Control Pad Chat Box. The message is broadcast to the Talent Window

Existing FloPrompter Customers

If you are an existing FloPrompter customer, please uninstall the old version of FloPrompter first. Then, download the latest version of FloPrompter from our web site:

Very important!

  • First, run the FloPrompter installer.
  • If your computer is running any version of Windows Vista or Windows 7, please also run the Vista Patcher app.

And of course, this software update is FREE to all customers. Enjoy!

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