Customer Testimonial :: “Flo-Praise”

I’m proud to say that our customers have written to us many times with kind words about FloPrompter and our exceptional customer service. Well, today we received an email from on of our customers in California who wrote this wonderful testimonial:


My name is Scott and I am the drummer in a “Live Karaoke Band” called The Ringtones. For a “live band Karaoke” to be a true success, the band’s greatest challenge is to make sure the lyrics to a song are accurate and that the lyrics scroll at the correct speed with the music. With so many different teleprompter packages to choose from, FloSpace not only stood out, it was hands down the very best choice we could have made. With FloSpace’s ease-of-use a given, a key factor was how well it works with a number of alternative input devices, such as a footswitch controller – an integral part of our show and the live karaoke process. Add to that the incredibly low price and you soon realize why some of the big-budget, old-school companies are running scared.

Of course, using FloSpace to teleprompt live-band karaoke requires a bit of finesse and truly the best part about the program is the support I have received from the company. Additionally, the programmers are quite responsive and have already addressed a number of our specific needs and incorporated those features into a recent release.

FloSpace is hands-down the very best value of any teleprompter out there and I stake the band’s reputation on it every gig! Give it a free test drive – you won’t be disappointed.

Scott – FloSpace Lover
The Ringtones

Thanks a ton for your kind words, Scott! We’re going to keep trying our hardest to live up to your high expectations and continue innovating with our products!

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