FloPrompter and Windows Vista 64-bit

First, the bad news: FloPrompter cannot currently run on computers running Windows Vista 64-bit.

Now, the good news: We will be upgrading FloPrompter this summer to run on Vista 64-bit computers!

Why the problem?

FloPrompter uses technologies from several other software companies to work its teleprompting magic. We’ll spare you the techno-mumbo jumbo. So let’s just say that because one of those software companies doesn’t currently support Vista 64-bit, the entire program won’t work. It’s most unfortunate.

Support coming soon!

We’re delighted to share the news that the laggard software company just issued a new version that appears to work great on Vista 64-bit! So over the next few weeks, we’ll be updating all of the software components to the latest versions — especially that problematic one.

We are currently expecting to issue the next update to FloPrompter sometime in early to mid-July. We’ll keep you posted!

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