Presidents and Their First Ladies Use FloPrompter

Even U.S. Presidents love FloPrompter!

William and Sue Wills are actors who bring to life 32 American presidents and their wives. Everyone from Abraham and Mary Lincoln through Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, and many more. We love their approach of mixing education about these great leaders and their spouses with entertainment. Anyone can benefit from such an educational message, from students of any age to adults who could use a refresher course.

Based in Winter Park, Florida, the Wills travel across the country bringing their great presentation of American presidential couples to schools, libraries and special events. The Wills also sell a line of DVDs that appear to be reasonably priced. (And they use FloPrompter to help in producing the DVDs!)

The Wills recently wrote to us and said, “We chose [FloPrompter Standard Edition] because the price was right and it had the features we were looking for.” We would like to think that Mr. Wills was dressed as George Washington, the Father of our country, when he wrote that…  🙂

Thank you for purchasing FloPrompter, “Mr. and Mrs. President”! (Doesn’t that have a nice ring to it?)

For more information about the Wills and how to book “The Presidents and Their First Ladies, Dramatically Speaking,” visit their web site:

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