FloPrompter works with Savant Elite Foot Switches

Kinesis Savant Elite Programmable Foot SwitchOne of our FloPrompter customers works for a karaoke band in California. He recently purchased a Savant Elite programmable USB foot switch from Kinesis Corp to control the teleprompter scrolling while also playing an instrument. The foot switches come in one-, two- and three-pedal versions.

What’s cool is that you can program the device to activate any key on your computer’s keyboard. He got the three-pedal foot switch and set it up to activate these keys:

  • Left Pedal: Activates the F8 key to scroll the teleprompter slower.
  • Center Pedal: Activates the F12 key to stop and start scrolling the teleprompter window.
  • Right Pedal: Activates the F9 key to scroll the teleprompter faster.

And if you need a fourth pedal (say, to show the next broadcast segment, F3), you can purchase one directly from Kinesis through their web site.

Kinesis Corp. Savant Elite Programmable USB Foot Switches: www.kinesis-ergo.com

Or, purchase the 3-pedal foot switch from Amazon.com:


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